Five Essentials for Creating a Great Resume.

A great resume can be viewed as the key that opens the door to your dream job. In our experience though, most resumes we come across are lifelesss, boring and don’t achieve much. So what is essential when writing a resume that will unlock the door to your future?

Here are some tips:

1) Write a well written cover letter.

A cover letter is like a preview to a movie. Short and sweet, it highlights the highs of your experience and history. Outline who you are, why your qualified for the job and how you will be an asset. Most employers are busy, so this start will help your chances.

2) Make sure your resume is straight to the point.

Most employers don’t have time to read a novel when reading your resume. Keep your resume a few pages long and only list things that you think are truly essential to the job. Include things like a short and sweet cover letter, training and experience, how you will be an asset, and a list of references, are usually all you need.

3) Make sure your resume is pleasing to the eye.

Create a good looking resume. Nice formatting, fonts and layout are important for someone reading your resume. For a potential employer, a sloppy resume could mean a sloppy worker.

4) Customise your resume to suit the job your applying for.

Look at the company your applying for and the language they use. Custom the language of your resume to match. When it comes to your goals, line them up with the goals of the company. Employers love this and will connect with you more than someone with a generic resume.

5) Show your a real person.

Put links in your resume to your social media accounts like linkedin. Anyone can make up things in their resume, but proving you’re the real deal is a good idea.

We hope this helps in the search for your dream job.

The ChristianJobGuide team.

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