Six keys when preparing for a job interview.

You’ve applied for the job, they’ve showed interest and have invited you to have an interview. Your nearly across the finish line! 

So how do you score the winning touchdown? Here are some tips before turning up to that important interview: 

Do some research: 

Know some facts about the company your applying for. What are their values, some of their history, how does does your job fit in with their vision.

Dress to impress:
Dress as though you would if you were actually turning up to work for the company.

Ask good questions:

Ask some questions to show your interested in finding more out about the company and how you can be an asset. This shows you value the company and the interviewer. 

Don’t forget to take the relevant documents:

Take a copy of your resume, references and any other relevant documents. Make sure they are copies that the potential employer can keep. 

Be punctual. 

Be early. It shows your keen.

When we are nervous often forget to smile. Smiling shows your warm and personable.

Do you have any other tips? Feel free to share in the comments below.

We hope this helps you when landing your dream job.


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